Industry Secondment

  This program provides an opportunity for academics to undertake a collaborative research project in an industrial environment. This would enable the secondee to gain first-hand experience of working in an industrial environment and knowledge of current industry practices. The purposes are to strengthen the strategic relationship between NTHU and the company, thereby enable the secondee to improve the quality and industrial relevance of their teaching and student learning.

Benefit and Perk
  Secondment can be held up to six months full-time or 12 months part-time. The university will subsidize up to 300,000 NT dollars to the secondee if the host company/institution is in Taiwan, and 600,000 NT dollars for company abroad.

Industry Secondment Program application should be made by a faculty member in a department/institute at NTHU and meet the following criteria:
a. Applicants must have a minimum of three years teaching experience at NTHU.
b. Applicants need to obtain approval from their academic department and follow the leave regulations of NTHU.
c. The co-sponsoring company must have a significant presence in the field. It can be of any size as long as the organization can demonstrate that it will provide the secondee with an appropriate working environment.
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