TIX Introduction

  The TIX institute at National Tsing Hua University was sponsored by Joan and Irwin Jacobs for academic excellence and international collaboration on innovation and entrepreneurship between NTHU and Israel Institutions such as Technion. In the acronym, T is for Tsing Hua, Taiwan and Technion, I is for Israel, Innovation and Incubation, X is for cross-disciplines and can be any topic of interests including IOT.

• Through the partnership of our two leading universities in Taiwan (NTHU) and Israel (Technion),TIX will be a unique institute to accelerate and strengthen collaboration between Israel and Taiwan.
• TIX will nurture young leaders of the digital era in a global environment offering education and research resources for innovations with commercial potential.
• TIX will develop new approaches to bringing knowledge and ideas to the marketplace, new dimensions of strategic collaboration between companies and universities, and new curricula for undergraduate and graduate education, to achieve a balance of technical depth, design skills, and business acumen.