Taiwan-Israel Bilateral Workshop and TIX Annual Briefing

 On 11th January 2017, TIX holds a bilateral workshop that focuses on the fields of Plasmonics, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics. Within this workshop, it is our great honor to invite Prof. David Bergman and Prof. Haim Suchowski from Tel Aviv University, Prof. Guy Bartal from Technion-Isarel Institute of Technology and Prof. Avi Niv and Prof. Yonatan Sivan from Ben-Gurion University, to share their recent progress in the fields aforementioned. Meanwhile, Taiwanese scholars, including Prof. Tsai, Din-Ping from Academia Sinica, Prof. Gwo, Shangjr (Felix) from NTHU and Prof. Ahn, Hyeyoung from NCTU, and Prof. Yen, Ta-Jen from NTHU, would also contribute their own research interests to this workshop.
 The talks at this TIX workshop would cover calculation of eigenstates of composite media and is further exemplified with a Veselago lens. Combination of extreme spatial and temporal resolutions to study ultrafast photo-induced hot carrier dynamics in plasmonic nanostructures would be presented; meanwhile, the interplay of free and bounded charges between bulk silver and gold nanoparticles that break the symmetry and develop SHG, and strong non-locality induced by heat diffusion when non-uniformly illuminated and its implication and possible applications would be discussed. Further, a resolution of 10-s nm of a microscopy is achieved via scaling down the diffraction limit and a phase resolved near-field observation of propagating waves are demonstrated as well. In the following, a detailed fabrication process of three-dimensional vertical split ring resonator is proposed and metasurface-based devices such as a multi-color meta-hologram and a versatile polarization generator are discussed. Moreover, we would spend some time on the topics of plasmonic metasurfaces composed of 2D transition metal monolayers such as MoS2 etc. Finally, novel applications of revolutionary metamaterials such as two-handed metamaterial, innovative cloaks and dielectric metamaterials and some cutting-edge nanodevices based mainly on Si nanowires are introduced;
 In addition to these eight talks, there appear two lab-briefing sessions to invite more principal investigators in Taiwan to show their research progress and interests. Finally, we also schedule a poster session during our luncheon to further share our progress and knowledge in order to facilitate potential practical collaborations among all participants.